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Termite Control


One of the most destructive “acts of nature” not typically covered by homeowners' insurance is termite damage. Every year, homeowners and businesses spend billions of dollars due to damage caused by termites.  No matter where your home is located or how old it is, it’s susceptible to termites.  In the south, the question has never been if you will get termites but when.

Prevention is the best treatment for termite damage as oftentimes you won’t know you have a problem until the termites are already well established. Termites can remain undetected until major repairs are needed.  All too often, homeowners underestimate termites’ ability to destroy property and do not invest in prevention.

Pest Control


Human homes make perfect homes for pests as they search for shelter, moisture, food, and protection from natural predators.  Your home provides all of these requirements in addition to protection from the weather.  Although pests are often viewed as nothing more that “pests,” they can cause physical damage to your structure and possessions, cause bodily damage due to bites and infections, spread germs, and irritate allergies.

Homeowners may try to use store brand solutions for getting rid of infestations, but these chemicals may only serve to eradicate some insects thereby reducing the food supply and enemies of some of the survivors leading to an increase in their numbers and aggression.

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Rodent Control


Every year, rodents cause significant property damage to homes and businesses as they gnaw on PVC pipes, HVAC ducts and electrical wires. Because these rodents seek out warm safe places for nesting, attics make the perfect choice.  Although squirrels may appear cute and fuzzy, these rodents along with rats, mice, and raccoons are not only dangerous to dwellings but human beings as well.

The disease-ridden rodents that can often be heard scampering through the attic at night are often responsible for food contamination, spreading diseases, and infectious bites that may lead to serious illnesses, loss of limbs, and even death.  Fecal matter from rodents may contain dangerous diseases and viruses that may be passed on as children may mistakenly consume the droppings or the diseases and viruses become airborne once dry droppings are broken apart.



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